No matter what style of bride you will be – on your special day you want your face to glow and look it’s best. Professional Beauty Clinic has many treatment options that will do this for you and you won’t get breakouts afterwards!

Brides have many things to prepare including looking their best, so prepare well in advance by getting your skin looking great. Having a clear and radiant complexion also means you won’t need to be wearing a thick layer of makeup, particularly in hot and humid Queensland weather.

One such treatment that is ideal for an upcoming wedding is a course of Hydrafacial treatments.

It only takes 30 minutes and will take away all the impurities that build up over time and reduces the discolouration caused by sun damage.

Results are immediate. There is no pain – think of it as a ‘steam clean’ for your face!


Cassie Renshaw (Peregian Beach resident – aged 26) booked a series of Hydrafacials and the Herbal Alex Peel which cleared her pimples, closed her pores and left her skin with a polished porcelain finish– she looked perfect for her big day.

“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
My skin was perfect – it was the most perfect day and I couldn’t have done it without you!”
Cassie Renshaw