Ocean Muse Serums

Ocean Muse® Serums are the perfect synergy of nature and science – an effective but light range that draws on the natural benefits of organic ingredients to rehydrate and reverse sun damage.

Ocean Muse® Youthful Serum is a beautiful hand-crafted serum to reinvigorate your skin’s natural youthful appearance.
Plumping and moisturising, it helps retain your skin’s natural glow, as well as lightening and protecting.
Youthful Serum assists in correcting uneven skin tones causaed by too much “fun in the sun”.
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Ocean Muse SunSea bottle
Sun & Sea Repairing Serum is a light serum that is deeply repairing yet quickly absorbed.
It has been crafted to help shield skin against damaging effects of sun exposure.
Whether sailing, golfing, surfing or cycling its natural active ingredients will assist to repair and rejuvenate sun damaged skin while toning down summer breakouts.
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