OceanMuse serums have been crafted to address the challenging skincare demands of people living in humid, coastal and tropical climates.


In these climates, the skin is subjected not only to the harsh rays of the sun, but also humidity, salt and air-conditioned environments, all of which take a heavy toll on the skin’s health and condition.

OceanMuse creator Grace Kovac has been a professional aesthetician for over 30 years, and after spending the last 15 of those years in Queensland, has a unique insight into the needs of skin that’s been exposed to tropical climates.

Grace’s clients had skin that demanded superior hydration and nutrition, but had trouble with products that weren’t light and easily absorbed. Heavily sun-damaged skin doesn’t absorb products easily, especially if it causes the skin to sweat upon application.

So she devised the perfect solution – create her own formulation – called OceanMuse.

To make the perfect skin care range for tropical climates, OceanMuse draws strongly from native Australian botanicals. Plants such as the Kakadu Plum and Lily Pilly are full of antioxidants and Vitamin C that replenish the natural moisture of the skin.

OceanMuse mixes these organic plant sources with peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D, E, and COQ10, antioxidants, marine collagen and essential oils to create a naturally refreshing, revitalising and moisturising skincare range. It is completely free of mineral oils, lanolin or artificial perfumes and never tested on animals.

OceanMuse serums are the perfect synergy of nature and science – an effective but light range that draws on the natural benefits of its organic ingredients to assist in reversing sun damage and beginning to nurture and care for skin that’s been subjected to harsh environments.

Come into the salon to sample the OceanMuse range and we can recommend the perfect product for your skin.