Men often have skin issues such as Acne and scarring that shouldn’t be ignored, as it can play havoc with self esteem. Professional Beauty Clinic offers a range of treatment options to suit different skin types and lifestyles.

Australian tradesmen, particularly miners, and surfers experience the full brunt of the sun. More and more men are looking to improve their skin and to reverse their sun damage. Wearing a hat and sunblock and keeping hydrated (water not beer) will all help too.

Treatments available to treat:

  • Acne and scarring
  • Redness and broken capilleries
  • Sun damage
  • Lines and wrinkles
  • Blocked pores

This is an absolutely awesome place if you’re looking weathered and sun damaged.

Fellas – this is a place for you – and I see a lot of your weathered heads getting around, so get in now!

KYLE ROBBINS – Coolum Beach, aged 28